"I am not looking to create Certified Healers.

I am looking to Create Saints."

The video below shows and shares the experiences of New Master Healers, their training, and their experiences. Join us so you can also learn how to become a New Master Healer! 

Miracles you will learn to do

How to Heal People

Healing Animals

Healing Business Deals

Seek a Higher Education

In order to develop Elite Healing Mastery, you have to understand the fundamental principles. It’s not complicated, and it’s not about information. It’s all about energy and power.

Understanding the Divine Angelic Order of the Universe

Most healers are connected with lower Dark angels, and this is why they have little power.


This is why they don’t have the power to remove heavy darkness and evil, which hampers and is always almost afflicting those seriously ill.


Understanding this and connecting to it is what’s gonna give you that divine power. 


Nothing less will suffice.

Develop Elite Healing Mastery

Many healers feel lots of things. Now, very few have any serious power or have any energy. 


Ed will show you how to develop that power and that energy so you can heal across the planet or across the internet, and revive people, purify water, make safe and comfortable again, and remove the intruding entities, evil, and whatever else may be in the way.

How to raise your DNA

You’ve been born with two-strand DNA.


Understanding that this was a limitation of how mankind perceived what on Earth dumbed him down and limited his abilities.


However, everything is energy, and all energy can be transformed. DNA is no exception.


We can raise our DNA substantially, thus creating higher vibrations of light and life, more powerful abilities, and transcend any distance at any time.


The only way to do that is by accessing higher dimensions. The only way you can access these higher dimensions is by enhancing your DNA. Ed will help you do just that.

Healing Genius Mastery 


Avril Richer, Business Owner: “If Ed were to ever offer the course again I would recommend you drop everything and go!! It is THE most transformative experience I have ever had in my life and one I will never regret" 

Gordon Roberts, Veterinary Surgeon: “Ed’s course took my healing abilities to a whole new level. I am extremely focused now on running my business. Ed is helping me with animal healing on a level beyond my dreams.” 

Andrea Priddey, Executive Assistant: “My healing power has increased hugely along with my sensitivity and intuition. I have used these new skills successfully to ease one lady’s back pain. For another lady it eased her bad shoulder pain.”

Warren Black, Attorney - Former CPA: “I had a friend who broke his ribs and was in a lot of pain. I used what Ed showed me and before you notice the pain was gone and the guy was completely stunned.”  

Sharon van Dyk, Director at Cohen's Lifestyle Clinic Australia: “Because of Ed, I am now a strong and powerful healer who can manage my energy and can help others to heal. Thank you Ed I am forever grateful to you.”

Eric Guttman, U.S. Naval Officer: “I realized I can do this as a practice and both energize, raise my vitality and hormone levels as well as clear any dark energies on me in a few simple yet highly focused exercises. He has my highest recommendation.” 

Become a Master Healer

with The Healing Genius Mastery Course

Fee: $44,444.44

Application Fee/ Interview: $777

This is governed by Universal Law of which students will learn to align with to enhance their Healing Power. Misalignment with such higher principles means a break in the aligned energy and thus, weakened ability to heal. Integrity in such arrangements means greater alignment, greater spiritual power and thus, greater ability to heal. This will be exemplified many times throughout the teaching sessions.